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Website Under Construction

Great things are happening, and we need to let you know. Be patient all good things come to those who wait. Thank you.

God is good – All the time

One of the recurrent themes of the Word of God is the repeated and dependable faithfulness and kindness of the Lord Jesus Christ. He continues to amaze us in both the practical and ephemeral. Every day I am learning and

Following the God of the One Guy

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The Lord is doing amazing work

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords continues to daze and amaze us as we see Him work in some of the most difficult areas in the 10/40 window of West Africa. Since I am a bottom line kind

Help support the harvesters

Let’s take a quick peek back to 2015 before I begin to share what the Spirit of Jesus is already doing in 2016. There were over 20,500 decisions for Jesus last year. Over 95% of these people were former Muslims

Doing the Lord’s work

Jesus said, “My Father is working and I myself am working.” Indeed the Lord is working and we are grateful to be a part of that work and to be eyewitnesses of the grace of God in West Africa. The

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News Flash – LBNF Nigeria to Bilma