Doing the Lord’s work

Jesus said, “My Father is working and I myself am working.” Indeed the Lord is working and we are grateful to be a part of that work and to be eyewitnesses of the grace of God in West Africa.

The fall trip to Burkina Faso was exciting for many reasons some of which included dealing with tropical insects like blister bugs, overcoming two cases of malaria and dealing with a country suffering from a military coup the last day of our outreach.

We saw miracles of healing, one example was an older farmer who heard the gospel and watched the Jesus film in a Daagara village in SW Burkina.

After praying for the crowd he came up to give a testimony. He said he could not work because of the significant pain in his body. He was happy (after hearing the message about Jesus), and he felt the power of God touch his body relieving him of all his pain. Hundreds heard his testimony.

We were transported on our way back to the capital of Ouagadougou saving us from a torrential downpour that ended up flooding out a village where we were diverted by roadblocks, fires in the streets and angry mobs of people. We arrived safely at our hotel, but our flight was delayed for three days while we waited for peace in the city and healing from malaria.

About 1,000 Muslims came to Jesus, and about 500 children received help in underserved villages. Praise God!

Shortly after arrival in the states, we conducted a successful fundraising celebration of the ministry of the Gospel through Lost But Not Forgotten. This was our first fund-raising event since we began the ministry seven years ago.

On a final note, Brother Y is ministering in many Jula villages around Bobo, and Evangelist J is headed to the Niger border in SE Burkina to minster to six villages of the Dyerma/Zerma.

Please pray for these and others we send out next month into southern Niger and northern Cote D’Ivoire.

How you can help

  • A few dollars you can treat a child with worms and malaria
  • $1,000 will buy a motorbike to send a preacher into the bush to speak to Muslims
  • $3,500 will buy a tricycle so he can bring his A/V equipment with him to show the Jesus film on multiple occasions.
  • $50 will buy multiple, multi-language Jesus films that we can show to the lost and deliver to local evangelists.
  • $100 will buy a Proclaimer, which can be made available to the locals in their own language.
  • $1,250 will send an evangelist into the bush for one week to reach Muslims for Jesus.
  • $2,200 will equip an African evangelist with a generator, microphones, a DVD player, the Jesus film and amplification equipment.

Remember, though, we have the relationships, know the layout of the land, have sought out regional personnel who have a heart for the lost Muslim and have the calling of God to get to these places.

Getting these items to the right people costs money. The average cost per soul for an outreach ranges from $0.55 to $25.

Not a bad price to pay to secure the eternity of a man, woman or child. Jesus of course, paid the ultimate price for all of us.

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