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Let’s take a quick peek back to 2015 before I begin to share what the Spirit of Jesus is already doing in 2016. There were over 20,500 decisions for Jesus last year.

Over 95% of these people were former Muslims among unreached villages in West Africa. People involved were from villages in Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, and Ivory Coast.

This represents a 310% increase over the previous year’s harvest of 5,000. There were many reasons for this but one certainly is the acquisition of young evangelists through our travels to these areas and their empowerment through training, equipment, and money for travel expenses to the villages. This was made possible through your donations. Thank you.

The Spirit of Jesus is not finished. Already this year we have seen more than 300 come to Jesus among Fulani villages near Dedougou. A is there with a small team from his church. Y is covering an area south of Banfora near the border with the Ivory Coast ministering to two unreached people groups, the Khe and also another north of there.

M just returned from southern Niger. Because of the recent threats and homicide bombers near the area, some villages rejected them before they could preach and show the Jesus film.

A has been sending me emails about the recent events near Dedougou. The secretary-general of the village where they ministered gave her life to Jesus. She in turn brought five of her co-workers to the evening crusade, and they all gave their lives to Jesus as well. That first evening (last night), there were 500 present and 330 made decisions for Jesus. Unfortunately they could not finish the Jesus film because of a faulty generator, made inoperable from sabotage from a previous mission. This was a prayer concern before they started.

Sensing the move of the Spirit, I told him not to try to fix the generator but to rent one. I also told them the Spirit would have a job for them along the way so keep your eyes and ears open.

Sure enough, as they were proceeding to Dedougou to rent a generator, they stopped to relieve themselves. As they did, they saw a man preparing to hang himself. Although the details are not available at this time, A and his team led the man to Christ. He wanted to follow them but they sent him on to tell others about Jesus.

He, however, had a friend who had a good generator for rent and the man cut his price in half. Still, it was $25 per day. We will need to replace the one they have. This will cost $600. Because of the unexpected expenses they needed an extra $275 to complete the 10-day mission.

The Lord has opened wide doors for service among these unreached, but it does cost money. They are full time evangelists and ministers of the Gospel and do not have time to work. We have the ability to facilitate their ministry. Let’s do it. The harvest is plentiful and the credit goes to our account.

We believe the Spirit is moving us into northern Ghana and southwest Mali this year. In March several of us from the United States will travel to northern Cameroon to minister to the Fulani in six villages there.

We will be working with local assets providing care to sick children through our medical director’s supervision, feeding the hungry, and also playing the Jesus Film and preaching the Gospel in Fulfulde.

Although we had a good fundraising banquet in November, our donations were significantly down this past Christmas. Yet, because of the opportunities to reach the lost have increased, so has our spending to meet the demand and hunger for Jesus. Please help.

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